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Mom / Coach / Healer

Remembering who you really are is the greatest gift you can give to yourself & to your kids

I remember as if it was yesterday how it is to feel burned out, at a loss, disconnected, or even just vaguely dissatisfied with my life. I consider it a blessing that my path of personal growth started more than 12 years before I became a mom.

Each day I see how me being reconnected with who I truly am helps my kids grow into two individuals who follow their own passions and who develop life skills I could only have dreamt of when I was little.

My personal and spiritual growth is the greatest gift I will ever be able to give them in their lives. It feels great, and it’s my deepest desire to pass this gift onto you and your little ones as well. 


Hi there, I’m Suzanne

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Being an Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Coach, Reconnective healing practitioner, and a mom of two fantastic strong willed and highly sensitive kids I am dedicating my time and energy to help as many moms remember who they really are, what drives them, what’s getting them up in the morning so they thrive during the day and return home with stars in their eyes. Living by example, and showing their kids through aligned parenting how they can live their own best lives.

This website is work in progress and will contain lots more inspiration in the course of this year. 


Your Route to a Fulfilled Life & Motherhood

The Mom School of Life

Are you the overwhelmed and tired mom who feels as if she needs to be everything to everyone all the time, often feeling dissatisfied and out of tune with her life? And do you want to be that conscious, deeply connected mom who’s rocking her life and motherhood, coming home with starry eyes in the evening?

The Mom School of Life takes you on the most intense, and deeply rewarding journey of your life, so you can be the mom who you always wished to be for your kids. Leading by example is the best learning school of all.

Explore how the Mom School of Life can help you fulfil dreams you never imaged you could have and become part of a global community of conscious women, the world so desperately needs. 

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